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Strategic Saturdays:

“Normal people will only give you normal results”.


That means one of two things:

You either perform extraordinarily which will lead to burnout and disappointment when you don’t deliver


You do the ORDINARY extraordinarily well.

This is so much easier to do:

What’s the ordinary critical tasks that yield the most important, most meaningful results?

1. Food intake precise with quality nutrients

2. Quality sleep

3. Exercise daily

4. Adequate water intake

5. Minimize stress

6. Getting your 2 most critical tasks done each day

7. Tending to your family’s needs

8. Being fiscally responsible.

There may be other things but each of these items executed daily over time yield ALL Of the results you need to live an exceptional life.

Normal people don’t have this focus.

We don’t want normal.

We don’t need to be the best either.

What I do think people need is great health both physically and mentally, happiness and a sense of fulfillment and contribution.

This can all be achieved with the list above.

Being exceptional requires no more than that list.

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Fish and Rice Dish

One of our go to’s once a week. Either grilled or fried lightly in the pan, the dish is light and easy to make.

We spice the fish differently every week. The rice quantity is 1.5 cups. The fish is about 8-10oz.

This with two glasses of water for dinner is satisfying.

Just another tool for your weekly food plan.

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Excuses or Self-imposed limitations?

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