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Most people shy away from it for two reasons;

Fear of Exposure

Fear of Failure.

Fear of Exposure: so many of us have built an image we want people to see. The moment you introduce accountability/transparency the veneer is pulled off and the real you is exposed. This is a good thing. You grow from there. It’s very easy to hide behind a fancy car and home that are both completely financed while you have a line of credit and credit card debt. People do the same with clothes, never revealing their less than ideal bodies.

Fear of Failure: when you hang on until “tomorrow” to start something you always hold onto hope. By holding onto “tommorow” you never risk potential failure because the worst for some is to try and “fail” and lose hope (not realizing that learning from failure and trying a different approach often leads to the very success you are after)

Reach out and let others know what you are attempting to do. Hold yourself accountable. Trust me we are all in the same boat with fears, anxieties, or our doubts.

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