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Calories and Nutrient Value

If it fits my calories for the day, can I have whatever I want?

There's a lot of young hot shots in the gym who subscribe to the "If It Fits Your Macros" approach, where as long as they meet their protein and calorie totals they can eat whatever they want.  A long time ago, I was that guy, eating a whole pizza and then training an hour later and STILL getting wicked results.

Decades later, here's what I found; the ones who maintained a plan with higher micronutrients within their allotted calories outperformed the second group, felt less hunger, and had a more sustainable plan where they could better keep their results year round. 

With that said, there's huge value from a psychological standpoint from having "fun foods" in your diet, even if they are low in quality nutrients.  This podcast addresses this reality and gives you a way of optimizing your plan to have the "best of both worlds"

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