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Calories as Currency

  • You have $7 000 in your budget for your trip.

  • You are headed to Vegas from Friday night to the following Friday.

  • Friday night you hit the casinos hard and spend $2500 dollars.

  • Saturday, same thing….it’s party time, with a show, buffets, site-seeing….$2500

  • On Sunday, more excess, this time a helicoptor ride and an exotic car rental….$1500


  • You try to cheap it out for the following two days but end up down to $100 left for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • You have no recourse but to get a line of credit for the remainder of the trip, spending another $2000 before coming home.

When you look at calories as currency, you may have 14 000 calories allotted for the week.

  • On Friday, it’s the party with the friends and you consume 3000 calories

  • On Saturday, you consumed an additional 5000 calories, including popcorn at the movies, the all you can eat buffet restaurant and then Dairy Queen to finish off the night.

  • Over the next 5 days, you are limited to 6000 calories just to break even and maintain a zero balance (No weight lost or gained)

  • Thats 1200 calories a day for the next little while. Sure enough you manage to eat like a bird, and then let your coach know

“Coach, I’ve been so tight with my food for 5 days…why am I not seeing progress?”

I see this scenario all the time. 5 days of starvation, cutting from the usual 2000 calories to 1200 calories, dying for the weekend to come, and to make matters worse, with your will weak from starvation and lack of structure over the weekend, plus all of the temptations around you….. YOU NATURALLY CAVE ….and Cheat on your plan.

Amazingly, we don’t respect our finances the way we should. The average Canadian family spends 137% of what they make.

What’s worse is we are even more brutal with food, calories and health. “I will begin next month”, only to follow the same pattern month after month, right into the palms of obesity.

Worth the price?

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