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Create A Routine

In his book, Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss alludes to the fact that it’s not necessarily a specific routine that is important but rather, A ROUTINE.

Your daily routine will speak volumes, and the closer you stay with a successful routine, the more success you will have in your daily life.

Taken even further, the more strongly you accentuate the various aspects of your routine, heightening its significance in the day, the more powerful the routine becomes in shaping your future.

How do you do that?

What are the 7 most important things that need to be included in your routine?

Your Daily 7.

Outline them. Highlight them. Do Them No Matter What.

My Daily 7:

  1. Strength Training

  2. Cardio Conditioning

  3. 4 Rock Solid Meals (Pre-planned the night before)

  4. Connect with those closest to me in a meaningful way

  5. Execute Biz Plan

  6. Positively impact the life of one person in a significant way

  7. Recharge (Me Time)

All 7 are a must. Yes there may be urgent matters to attend to but these 7 items must be completed at some point during the day.

What do I mean by Highlighting?

How do I make each of the Daily 7 as impactful as possible, where I enjoy completing them?

  1. Strength Training: I created a routine that I truly enjoy, adding in the exercises I love that yield results, in a gym environment that suits me, with music blaring that pumps me up. I’ve stacked all the cards in my favour. That’s how you highlight the item.

  2. Cardio: I hate cardio. How do I make this a highlight? I have two workouts. The first is HIT, with battle ropes, jump squats, medicine ball slams, etc. I test myself against time. I keep the workout short. I save my favourite music tracks for this workout. The longer workouts, I do in front of a tv, playing vids that occupy my mind or I connect with those close to me, either by text or via facetime. I multi-task.

  3. Meals: The 4 meals I choose are ENJOYABLE. I love my breakfast every morning. I sit by a window with my dog beside me, coffee on one side and oatmeal with protein powder in front of me. I read something interesting as I eat. It starts my day right. For lunch, I bring something from home that I look forward to. My mid day snack, and coffee are like some eat a donut and a coffee. My dinners are always spectacular, planned the night before, as part of a rotation of things I like. Who ever said a routine had to be boring. Whether it’s a grilled steak and a potato or a grilled chicken and kale salad, or a taco salad, I look forward to a dinner with my family.

  4. Connection: Every day, I have conversations with my wife. Every day, I connect with my son numerous times throughout the day via text or facetime as he is in North Carolina. Every day, I joke around with my daughter, twice a week bringing her to volleyball. These connections, real meaningful conversations are vital.

  5. Biz Plan: Every day, I connect with everyone I work with, in some way. Secondly, I do something that provides value to them, whether it’s research or blog writing. Finally, I always seek a fun way to develop my biz with a weekly strategy that is executed daily.

  6. Positive Impact: I’ve learned that by contributing to others’ lives, I truly enrich my own. I seek opportunities to make a difference. I point out things that people do well. I genuinely reach out to people. I am an ear for anyone who needs my help. When you make yourself open and seek those opportunities, it’s magical.

  7. Recharge Time: 30 Minutes per day, I read something meaningful or relax in the hot tub or listen to music or roll out my body in the gym. Every single day, it’s my time uninterrupted.

When I hit all 7, I put my head down to rest at the end of the day with zero regrets. I don’t look for escape through food or alcohol. I don’t get depressed. I lived my life fully that day with, as corny as it sounds, a meaningful Daily 7, highlighted to accentuate each of the 7.

Develop a routine. Stick with it. Make each of the items on the list meaningful. Highlight each. Watch what happens as you repeat daily, weekly, monthly.

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