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Food Prep Mastery

Ultimate Mens Fitness Playoffs Update:

Here’s what you call phenomenal food prep.

This courtesy of competitor Nate, in his early 20’s and maximizing his progress over the course of the 8 weeks playoffs.

The time it takes to cook 1 chicken breast or 7 is the exact same amount of time. A little diligence and prior planning and this makes life really easy.

Do I recommend this sort of discipline?

If you are single, focussed and want to make your life easier, then yes this is a great strategy to streamline your life and meet your dietary needs.

A good food prep company can do this for you if this is a financially viable option for you; at least you will be less likely to stray from your diet when you know a prepared dinner is ready for you.

To me, the baseline template on the fridge of your routine meals, the necessary foods in your fridge and pantry and the discipline to execute on cooking your own food is sufficient.

The key message here is planning is a huge edge for anyone wanting to take their fitness game to the next level.

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