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Foundations of Change

People in search of change have great intentions. They hire a coach, ask for a program of nutrition and exercise and they are off to success in achieving the body of their dreams, right?

When they fail, they often question the program or turn to the next quick fix in search of “the right match”, something that’s “easier to follow”, a program that better fits their “approach to eating and exercise”.

Most quality programs are based on universally accepted principles of exercise and nutrition. Your failure to lose fat and get your desired results usually lies not with the program but rather one of the underlying layers of foundational progress principles.

SELF WORTH. If you don’t value yourself and/or believe in your ability to make change, you are DONE. You won’t go anywhere. Many ride on the beliefs of their coaches or a respected peer. That’s a good start until they start building up their emotional muscles.

In my decades of coaching, I’ve come to the truth that you will only rise to your level of belief in yourself.

2. INSPIRING GOAL. A goal gives you direction. An inspiring goal gives you the motivation and excitement to make good on following through even though there may be obstacles along the way.

You will always move in the direction of your focus.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY. Be in touch with someone you respect who is an expert in the field of nutrition, health and behavioural psychology; someone with proven results and a track record of experience. Secondly, tell people your intent on making changes. Some will laugh at your goals; let that serve as motivation. Some will offer encouragement and help you along the way. Both forms of accountability help.

Stay in touch with your coach daily. The more transparent your progress, the better your chances of success.

4. NUTRITION & EXERCISE. Look for a program that meets your individual needs. Your program MUST one that can be sustained.

Your program must be one in which you enjoy the journey as much as the results, and the personal growth that comes from the experience.

When you truly understand this foundational structure, you will begin to address the underlying reasons why you were unsuccessful in the past and begin to finally move forward in great health.

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