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How many calories do you need?

How many calories do you need to maintain your bodyweight or better yet get the body you want?

Without an idea of what you really need, your fitness goals are like trying to hit a bullseye in the dark. Being in the right direction of your target is not enough.

On Saturday July 10th, I will give you the strategy, calculations and accurate reading of your calories so that you can accelerate your progress once and for all.

I’ve helped enough NCAA players achieve pro status and enough pro athletes take their games to the next level by giving them the exact tools they need to win. It’s a lot simpler helping people from everyday walks of life AS LONG AS I can convince them to get over the stories they tell themselves as to why it would be hard or worse yet help them get over a sense of lack of confidence in themselves for repeated failure in the past.

I know I can give you the answers you need to change things in your life dramatically. If you are lacking that confidence to take that first step, meet me half way. It will be the best time investment you have made in a while.

Saturday July 10 @10:30AM EST

This first event Is FREE and NO, this doesn't mean there's a catch or a hard sell.

Below is a link to the tickets to the FREE event. See you there!

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