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Morning Routine

Show me your morning routine and I will tell you how successful you will be.

Core actions:

1. Health

Workout is done. Food is planned out. Water intake is determined. A regular sleep schedule is followed.

2. Focus

I get the critical task done as early as possible. And then I focus on the other two vital tasks. None of the other stuff really matter as much.

3. Connect. I connect with one key Conversation whether it be business or family or other. I also have two other conversations with two strategic partners to maximize an area of my life, specifically business in my case.

4. Inner Circle. The most important relationship I have is with my wife. Every day is date night and every day we talk for at least 2 to 3 hours. We are on the same page, no same word every single day. From there I have two other important connections. I reach out to my family and I strategize with my coach. Every day.

5. The Edge. Being the leader, I need to stay sharp, always. Every day I bypass the news and instead learn from the best via podcasts, articles or books. One 30 minute time block followed by a second block consisting of 20 minutes. I show my gratitude for 5 things in my life and I look forward planning wise to the next day.

Most of these actions happen by 2pm at the latest with the goal being hitting everything by noon. Wake up time is 5:30am.

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