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On the Run Breakfast

Another quick breakfast option for those on the run. I’ve never been a huge fan of cottage cheese until I had a recommendation from a fellow fitness enthusiast to try mixing the cottage cheese with a flavourful protein powder. I chose my cookies and cream powder, mixed it with the cottage cheese, and created something I actually thoroughly enjoy.

At 370 calories, you have a bit of room to perhaps add a little bit of jam or sprinkle some almond slivers on top, or perhaps add some berries. Toasting the English Muffin will also give you some texture.

You may even forego the English Muffin, opting for a slice of toast. By doing so, you cut back on the calories, allowing you to have thin spread of almond butter on top of the toast before adding your cottage cheese.

Ingredients: 3/4 Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 1 English Muffin, 3/4 Scoop Protein Powder, sprinkle of cinnamon.

Calories: 370 Protein: 41g Carbs: 38g Fat: 6g

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