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Simple Chicken Salad

The Lazy Chicken Salad is on here for only one reason; It’s the easiest salad you will ever prepare. The meal is dirt cheap, nutritious, ultra low in calories, and can be duplicated the very next day if need be. With a bit of preparedness, a meal like this eliminates excuses as to why someone cannot eat well in a hurry.

Costco Ready Made Chicken Breast (210g), Mixed Greens (5 Cups), Skinny Girl Balsamic Dressing (2 tbsp).

Calories: 240 Protein: 52g Carbs: 3g Fat: 2g

I had this meal two days ago. I bought a whole chicken from Costco, used the breast, and saved the rest for later. I bought a big tin of Ready Prepared Spring Salad Mix from Walmart and threw 5 cups of it on my plate. Finally, I’ve got the ultra low cal Skinny Girl Dressing (10 cals per 2tbsp) to top the salad. The meal is actually quite filling due to its sheer volume. Do I love the meal? Not really, but it’s decent. The chicken tastes good, the dressing is nice and I get plenty of nutrients from the meal. I can also add something to this meal due to the low calorie nature of the meal, with an additional 160 cals to spare from the base formula. I could probably add some fruit or nuts, cheese, tortilla strips or croutons to the salad or even add some bbq sauce to the chicken. The varieties for this meal are endless.

The added bonus, I can do this same meal again later in the evening or the next day for lunch. Because the calories on this meal are so low, I can make a third chicken salad dish with the thigh meat and still not exceed 400 cals with the extra fat on a chicken thigh. 3 entire low cal meals from 1 chicken.

Additional Bonus: On days where you know you are going out later in the evening on a non-refuel day, by banking some of the calories you saved from this meal, you can top up your dinner later on and get away with not shortchanging yourself at a restaurant.

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