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Steak Salad Dinner

Steak Salad

What a go to recipe that you can add to your weekly routine.

Anytime I put steak on a salad, because I’m eating it as part of a salad, I will eat much less of the steak than if I just ate the steak alone. I’m not sure what that’s all about but I could get away with 6 ounces and still be full.

The moment I go with a salad, which is light in calories if I keep some of the toppings light, I can keep my calories in check which is the second awesome thing about this meal.

By keeping the calories light from having the lettuce versus a baked potato or rice on the side, I can afford to have a richer dressing which accentuates the taste of the steak.

You could probably get away with under 600 calories for this dinner if you are careful, while still getting your protein in (high quality protein at that) AND be fully satiated by the sheer volume of the salad AND the rich dressing which would have some healthy fats within it, as this dressing does.

This meal is a definite must have for any day of the week.

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