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UMFL Playoff Final Test Scores


Fitness Test Scores: All three athletes saw substantial improvements in their fitness scores from beginning to end.

CJ had a outstanding jump from 23 points to 39 points from beginning to end for an increase of 16 points overall, placing him at an Advanced Level of Fitness.

Cary saw an increase from 37 to 48 (11 point jump) and Elite Level Status.

Nate improved from 26 points to 48 points (22 point jump) also achieving Elite Level Status.

Cary had started the contest with an already high level of fitness, costing him some points and allowing Nate and CJ to make up ground.

With that said, when you look at the overall numbers, Cary commanded the chin ups and push ups, with squats being extremely close, while Nate crushed the ab challenge. With both athletes scoring 48 points, the tie breaker for the extra 2 points went to Cary for total overall reps.

Total tally for reps:

Cary: 278 (48 points - 1st (6 points)) + 4 points for improvement from mid-season test to finale

Nate: 266 (48 points - 2nd (4 points)) + 12 points for improvement from mid-season test to finale

CJ: 217 (39 points - 3rd (2 points)) + 7 points for improvement from mid-season test to finale

Phenomenal improvement on all counts. Congrats guys!

​The update scores places Nate in first for the time being while the judges deliberate to get to the winner of the transformation photo section of the contest.

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