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UMFL Playoffs Update 2

UMFL Playoffs Update 2:

Weekly Point Totals:

Cary: 6 Points

CJ: 5 Points

Nate: 5 Points

Athlete of the Week: Cary

Cary brought in a lean physique this week, leaner than last week and up just over 3 pounds over last week. While Nate was close with the transformation, Cary had the edge in the lower back and obliques Leanness wise with the increase in Carys bodyweight while maintaining that lean body being the difference.

CJ is notably more muscular as documented in big jumps in all categories of the fitness test in a few short weeks.

Mid Point Transformation Points:

Cary: 20

Nate: 20

CJ: 18

Point breakdown was as follows:

25 points for a phenomenal transformation.

20 points for excellent

18 points for very good

15 points for satisfactory.

Remember that it has only been 4 weeks and to see outstanding changes in already fairly lean athletes is very difficult.

All three competitors have put in the time. Four weeks to go before we crown this session’s champion.

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