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UMFL Playoffs Week 6

UMFL Playoffs Week 6 Update:

It was brutal assessing the Athlete of the Week this week.

All three got their compulsory 5 points earned with Athlete of the week being Nate by the finest of threads picking up 1 extra point and narrowing the gap between he and Cary.

CJ: Up 1.6 pounds but noticably leaner in his midsection, CJ had a really good week. His entire upper body looks leaner as well. One of my judges saw CJ as the top guy.

Cary: Cary is a tad bit leaner than his previous picture from last week. Small details are emerging muscle wise to suggest his weight drop might be water based with a bit of dehydration that doesn’t reflect his overall muscle building efforts. There is a huge change in his upper back and rear delts. 2 of my judges deemed Cary the winner.

Nate: 2 of the 5 judges awarded Nate the win based on the slight size increase and a slightly leaner midsection from last week. His back looks great, but didn’t quite have the detail from last week (not pictured here). If the back shot was similar to last week, one judge other said he would have sided with Nate.

In the end, I had to make the final determination with Nate winning due to the increase in bodyweight of 1.2. While this might have been water retention or intestinal weight that had not been expelled yet, his increase in strength through the week as posted in some of his footage suggests a bit of it is muscle gain.

These are one of the tough calls where all three could have been justified as the winner.

With 2 weeks left to go, I only see an even more significant improvement as momentum and motivation is high to finish strong.

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