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UMFL Season 2 Winner

UMFL Season 2 Champion: Mike

Mike, a family man, great athlete and successful executive with 2 young kids decided to challenge himself to return to a better self than ever before.

One of the quickest transformations I had seen, Mike applied the principles of nutrition that we set out for him and he began an intense training that added muscle to his frame in short order.

Not without challenge, I remember Mike lasting not even a quarter of the first workout, tapping out after 6 sets and later returning for minimum improvement before trapping out again, questioning if he “still had it in him to succeed”.

Three months later, look stupid results. Mile went on to keep this body and further refine in over the coming months, inspiring others around him in the process.

This July 10 @10:30am EST I will share some of the success strategies We used to transform Mike’s physique.

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