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UMFL Transformation Update

UMFL Transformation Photos

Final photos are in comparing the Precontest shots to the final contest end photos.

My job was to grade each athlete in terms of quality of the transformation:

Phenomenal 30 points

Outstanding 25 points

Very good 20 points

Good 15 points.

8 weeks is plenty of time to make changes when one is out of shape. All three athletes presented quality fitness and physiques at the beginning of the contest making it very difficult to make HUGE improvements.

Nonetheless all three presented Outstanding physiques in my books. All three received 25 points. All three are CHAMPIONS as far as I’m concerned.

Nate got noticeably bigger over the course of eight weeks with progress accelerating once commercial gyms opened up. He took advantage of having youth on his side and muscled up considerably while getting significantly leaner in the process. We saw a 3.6 pound gain and significant strength improvements in a short time. This sort of progress is would suggest a potential 10-12 pound gain in a year which is far above average.

Cary dropped 6.2 pounds of body fat if not more as he gained some muscle, evident by improvements in his test scores in all categories. To be in your mid 40’s and improve dramatically labelling off 32 chin ups is outstanding as is a big increase in leg, ab and chest strength. There is very little fat in the midsection and his arms and chest are bigger. His back, not shown in the picture is ripped.

CJ, dropped 5 pounds of fat if not more, as is very noticeable in his sharp obliques and abdominals. His arms got leaner while maintaining their size. CJ also made huge improvements to his ab and leg strength which suggests he lost a few pounds more than indicated in the scale weight.

Points update:

25 points each

Cary: 111

Nate: 115

CJ: 96

We are still waiting to get all judges results to determine the final outcome with 5 extra points going to first, 3 points for second and 1 extra point for third.

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