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UMFL Update Week 1

UMFL Week 1 Results:

Cary 5 points

Nate 5 points

CJ 4 Points

Athlete of the Week: Nate

One short week and all three made improvements to already lean bodies.

This early on posture, angle, lighting, water retention, etc all play a role in look of a physique. Any one of these athletes could get the nod as top transformation in one short week.

Nate got the nod for the most improvement in his abs as well as an appearance of muscle gain.

Cary made an impressive drop in weight and it seemed to me like it was pure fat loss. In discussion with Cary, the weight was abnormally low. We will see how this pans out but without a doubt a change in Cary’s body for the better. Cary also picked up ambassador points for documenting the journey so well this week.

CJ clearly has visible improvements to his abs and has been kicking ass in the gym. This increase in weight could very well the muscle gain. Next week will tell a better story for all of these guys.

Who do you have as the one who made the most improvements?

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