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UMFL Update Week 2

UMFL Week 2 Results

Cary 5 points. Nate 4 points. CJ 4 Points

Athlete of the Week: CJ

All three competitors made noticeable improvements this week. Cary extends and continues his lead with some awesome ambassador points, leading the way in helping others. A few of the judges advocated for Cary to place tops as Athlete of the Week, with the most weight loss and a noticeably leaner physique. Nate got the nod from a few judges for added muscle and maintaining his leanness while dropping only 0.2 lbs. I see a difference as well; it is perhaps influenced by the pose in the picture but no doubts improvements to the upper body. In the end, CJ came out on top for the added leanness to his shoulders, chest and midsection while gaining 0.6 pounds. CJ has focussed on ramping up leg training which may have accounted for the weight gain over the last few weeks.

Bottom line, to see significant improvements in a very short time from already lean physiques is a testament to the hard work and discipline shown from each of these competitors.

Who do you have as the one who made the most improvements?

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