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UMFL Week 3 Update

July 24, 2021.

UMFL Week 3 Results: Nate 6 points. Cary 5 points. CJ 5 Points

Athlete of the Week: Nate


Nate: Nate gained weight while looking a little bit sharper in his mid section. Based on this evidence, as well as fuller, more rounded shoulders and an arm that tends to be a bit leaner, the edge goes to Nate for the biggest transformation. 1.2 lb increase with a leaner body is a big win.

Cary: The first big observation is Cary's fat loss. We have a drop of 3 pounds on an already lean body. Cary's right shoulder is remarkably leaner yet his shoulders and arms are no smaller than last week. Secondly, the obliques are more pronounced in the latter photo. Cary appears to look bigger and his chin line is super sharp, enhancing the look on his face. It was very difficult not to make this a tie between Nate and Cary.

CJ: CJ has a weight gain as much of this gain is a product of intense leg training from a previously somewhat inactive state of leg training. With legs being such a big muscle group, it's possible CJ has stimulated some good growth in his legs. This will be verified to some extent with an improvement to his fitness test score for legs. We also notice thicker abs, again a product of the ab training focus. CJ is crunching down a bit in this photo, resulting in a perception of fat gain in the belly. While that's possible, next weeks photos will give a better indication of where CJ is at. In my estimation, we have seen an increase in overall lean muscle mass with a recommendation to tighten up the diet a bit to lose some of the bodyfat.

All three athletes are moving in the right direction with this coming week being big. Everyone will be retested fitness wise to see what sort of performance progress they have made. We will also compare precontest photos to week 4 photos for a mid contest assessment of performance.

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